About Me

_DSC4329After 6 years of being a Doctor, I realised that there was a lot more that I could do for my patients to help them get better access to healthcare. Nobody likes the Hospitals or Clinics and most people find them a scary place to be in.

In 2013 from being the clinician, i had become the “patients relative’ when my father was diagnosed by an aggressive form of liver cancer. My Wife and I provided him the treatment he needed at home and we realised the tremendous benefits of giving him the dignity of being treated at home.

After his passing, I made the decision to enter the world of Entrepreneurship and founded Door2Door Doctor. However “taking the dive” out of a institutionalised healthcare system and giving up a steady salary was NOT a easy decision to make.

These last 2 years have been more exciting and challenging than the first 12 years of my Medical career. We hope to share our journey to reach out to a Million Patients to help bring Healthcare to their Doorstep.

“Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free.”